Nolwenn, the little Breton
I have been working on several dolls simultaneously in the last months. The dolls were finished, but the hairs, clothes, shoes have been changing their minds often. May be stars were in a challenging constellation for me to make decision, or may be it was just as it has always been: a doll needs its time to get ready to open its eyes to the world. There is a saying in German: "Good thing takes its time!" May be the challenge for me is to learn to accept it. There is no rush, and you cannot...
Juliette: a fiery and dreamy red head
The days are getting short so fast. Around the end of October, I realize we live on the very northern part of the world. The day light is getting to be a precious gift. October prepares us to the times where we will rest and contemplate. It helps us to see the things in a new light. May be because I am an October born, for me there would never be enough Octobers in a year. Today I saw Juliette in the shy and loving October light. And her face warmed my heart. Happy to share her beauty with you...
Der kleine Wassermann
The Little Water-Sprite: a little sneak peak to my last work in progress... One of the German classics "Der kleine Wassermann". I don't know how often we read this book to our children. The book we have is from my husbands childhood. That's to say this tale belongs to the family history. I always wanted to make a doll inspired by him. My 8 years old son wants to grow his hair, and looks like a bit like the little water-sprite, in blond. May be that's the reason why 'now' is the right moment for...
New Doll Workshop in Berlin
This time it has been a long summer holiday break. It was well deserved and long waited family time. We were mostly away from the civilization, in solitude of our small family. That's why it took me a long while getting adapted to the 'normal' life :) even though, I missed my atelier very much. All those tiny heads, and bodies have been waiting for me, to be finished. Before starting to finish all the dolls, which I had started before the summer break, I decided to plan a new workshop. It will...
News from EWDOR 2023
As promised, here I am telling you about our stories from the international doll retreat in Belgium! My travel to Belgium for the international doll making retreat EWDOR was very exciting and fulfilling. Each second year, meeting my doll maker friends from all over the world is an important event for me. It is inspiring, refreshing and just filling me with positive energy and joy. A big thank to Kamrin and Berend, also to Veronique for organizing this event. This year we met in the monastery of...
Mae my sweet May girl
Mae and I are back from the international doll making retreat. We both met many friends and spent the happiest time of this year. Mae was a great assistant. Never let her bright smile fade away and encouraged my participants in their work. Now she is longing for a loving family to live with.
Miss April
Miss April is a custom made doll. She is 35 cm tall, and can move her head fully. Her mom wanted her have two different outfits. One was for colder days, and a second for the summer. The white linen dress has embroidered seashells, and a vintage blue lace, which I bought from Cote d'Azur. She is such a romantic child, and her dress fits her personality. Don't you think the same? ;)
Oh, oh, oh! Finally made it, just before March ends! It has been very silent on my side, since I declared that my March girl Mathilde is soon to be finished. Unfortunately, I got four viral infections, just one after the other, crowned with Corona at the end. 4 weeks of bed time, with two days of feeling a little healthy between every week! With the spring blossoms, I am also awakening once again. :)
Jane, Fiona, Mathilde... and EWDOR2023
I don’t know how January and February passed. It seems it took only a couple of days that the mornings are full of light and mother nature is awakening. Two weeks ago, it seemed impossible that I could sit here in my working room full of sunlight at 8 AM. My January girl Jane and February girl Fiona found loving homes, and Mathilde, my doll for March is nearly finished. Yes, you are right: there is a pattern here. 😊 January, February, March… Jane, Fiona, Mathilde… Each month a doll...
As the days of February are flying by, we reached nearly the middle of the month. Day of the lovers is coming. And guess what, I have a very sweet young girl here. Fiona with her red locks, a little flame, just like her temperament. I left her only a couple of minutes in my working room, and look how I caught her! It is not even St. Valentine's yet, but she said all days in February are for the lovers.

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