workshops at EWDor 2020 in Arlon

You can directly book a spot without connecting me in advance. You cannot overbook, as it will not be possible to book when the workshops are full.


The registrations of my two advanced doll making workshops (as well as other workshopy by several international doll makers) in the next years European Waldorf Doll Retreat in Arlon have already started.


If you wish to  attend this international event, you are asked to register to the organisation. After you have completed your registrations there, your registration to my classes will be accepted. So please follow these steps if you would love to be part of this year's "Woodstock of Dollmakers":


1) Please go to the Organisation Page 


2) Follow their intructions and register to the event. There is a registration fee for the organisers (who are doing a great job to organise such a wonderful event with big efforts and engagement.) This fee is additional and not included into my workshop price. Also the transport, acommodatition and meals are not included in the workshop prices.


3) Please then reserve your spot here directly, by paying the nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the total fee. You can find the informations on my workshops below.


For all other information about the meals, acommodation etc. the organisation team will be helpfull to you. 



I am looking forward to meeting you all new friends and the old ones I made at the last event!




workshop nr. 2

sculpting a doll's Body

Needle sculpting a whole body of a doll gives many new opportunities to develop your own style. I am happy to teach you the techniques I use, in this 1,5 day (three sessions) workshop.


(Group of 6 to 8 Participants)


During this workshop you will learn how to sculpt the body of a doll (the torso, the arms and the legs) and how to put the skin on it in a proper way. I will also teach you how to attach the arms and the legs, as well as the head (one pre-made by me as example) onto the body. Details such as dimples, belly button and coloring will also be taught.


Needle sculpting the head is not part of this workshop. I am offering an other workshop for needle sculpting the head. The size of the head will be in a matching size to this body.



190 € including the materials and the presewn skin for the body.



"Handmade! The hand follows the heart. Only the hand can make something that through the hands reaches the heart again. Nothing is more convincing example for this than a doll.

A doll is something to love. That is its meaning and purpose... And what is love?

Love is the wish to embrace, to care for, to caress, to cuddle.... All love begins and ends with it... Doesn't our hand feel light at the sight of a little kitten, doesn't it caress instinctively over a round child head? We want to touch that what makes us tender and gives us the feeling of love and affection. Thus sensing and feeling are the same."

(Käthe  Kruse: Ich und meine Puppen, S. 128-130)



“Handarbeit!…Die Hand geht dem Herzen nach. Nur die Hand kann erzeugen was durch die Hand wieder zum Herzen geht. Dafür gibt es wohl kein überzeugenderes Beispiel als die Puppe. 

Die Puppe ist etwas zum Liebhaben. Das ist ihr Sinn und Zweck… Und was ist Liebe?

Liebe ist umarmen wollen, zärtlich sein dürfen, streicheln, anschmiegen, sorgen, pflegen wollen. Alle liebe beginnt und endet damit. … Hebt sich nicht unser Hand leicht beim Anblick eines Kätzchens, streichelt sie nicht unwillkürlich über das runde Kinderköpfchen? Anfassen wollen wir, was uns zarte, liebevolle Empfindungen erweckt. Und daraus folgt, dass Fühlen und Anfühlen dasselbe sind.” (Käthe  Kruse: Ich und meine Puppen, S. 128-130)