Loulabee Dolls

You might know about it already, but I though I let you know just in case you do not know.
Many fake online stores are offering Waldorf dolls for very low prices. Facebook is full of their advertisements.These sites are scam sites, they have stolen pictures of various doll artists. If people buy a doll through them, they will either get a cheap plastic doll, or nothing. They have been reported by many but nothing seem to happen.
Waldorf and waldorf inspired art dolls takes over at least a full week to finish for the doll artist.
So please keep this in mind and do not buy dolls for prices which surely are too good to be true.











Loulabee doll making tutorial is now finished and ready to purchase here.


I try to make ready to go collectible doll with delicate and sophisticated  faces and bodies. The cloths are made with high quality natural materials, designer or vintage fabrics which I have been collecting for years.


These dolls take a lot of time, as I am needle felting (sculpting the wool with the help of a single needle) complete doll, head to toe. I also use special techniques to build the neck so that the dolls can move their heads slightly. (I have several videos showing their movement on my facebook and instagram pages).

As the time is limited, I cannot make many dolls. So I will make my dolls and try to put on my Facebook, Instagram or main web page for adoption. I hope at least once a month. So please follow both of my social media pages in order to be up to date.

The prices for the collectible dolls vary, depending on each single doll itself.


I also make children dolls. However I only make them at the moment as custom orders. So please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to have a Loulabee doll for your child.


The children dolls are 35 cm tall, have classical faces, beautiful dresses, and hair crocheted with mohair yarn, or with real hair. These dolls cost 220-250 €. If you have any extra wishes please let me know to make you an offer. 


The doll making classes are still happening. I know I haven't announced many of them for this year, because of the pandemic. But please let me know if you are interested in learning from me, beginner, intermediate or advanced level. I will happily add you my workshops list and inform you in advance as soon as I organize one.


And of course I haven't forgot all who are too far away to attend a workshop in Europe. My very talented photographer friend Eva and I have been working on a doll making tutorial for a year now, and it is now available in English. 



I always enjoy reading your comments and messages. Let me know about your wishes and expectations from Loulabee dolls.


workshops at EWDor 2020 in Arlon


Dear All,

You have already been informed by organisators last week, that the EWDOR is postponed to another date.

I will be there in Belgium next year and will be offering the same workshops. One of my workshops is as so far fully booked, in one of them there is one spot left, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you next year. I had organized everything already for our meeting in June this year, and it is a pity that we have to wait a year more, but I am very happy that the organization wasn’t cancelled completely, but just postponed.

I hope you and your beloved ones are all safe and healthy and going through these uncertain times with an inner calmness.

Hopefully this will end soon, and we will have a beautiful gathering next year in Belgium.

For any questions you might have, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of loves,




The registrations of my two advanced doll making workshops (as well as other workshops by several international doll makers) in the next years European Waldorf Doll Retreat in Arlon have already started.


If you wish to  attend this international event, you are asked to register to the organisation. After you have completed your registrations there, your registration to my classes will be accepted. So please follow these steps if you would love to be part of this year's "Woodstock of Doll makers":


1) Please go to the Organisation Page www.ewdor.com. 


2) Follow their instructions and register to the event. There is a registration fee for the organizers (who are doing a great job to organize such a wonderful event with big efforts and engagement.) This fee is additional and not included into my workshop price. Also the transport, accommodation and meals are not included in the workshop prices.


3) Please then reserve your spot here directly, by paying the nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the total fee. You can find the information on my workshops here.


For all other information about the meals, accommodation etc. the organisation team will be helpful to you. 



I am looking forward to meeting you all new friends and the old ones I made at the last event!




"Handmade! The hand follows the heart. Only the hand can make something that through the hands reaches the heart again. Nothing is more convincing example for this than a doll.

A doll is something to love. That is its meaning and purpose... And what is love?

Love is the wish to embrace, to care for, to caress, to cuddle.... All love begins and ends with it... Doesn't our hand feel light at the sight of a little kitten, doesn't it caress instinctively over a round child head? We want to touch that what makes us tender and gives us the feeling of love and affection. Thus sensing and feeling are the same."

(Käthe  Kruse: Ich und meine Puppen, S. 128-130)



“Handarbeit!…Die Hand geht dem Herzen nach. Nur die Hand kann erzeugen was durch die Hand wieder zum Herzen geht. Dafür gibt es wohl kein überzeugenderes Beispiel als die Puppe. 

Die Puppe ist etwas zum Liebhaben. Das ist ihr Sinn und Zweck… Und was ist Liebe?

Liebe ist umarmen wollen, zärtlich sein dürfen, streicheln, anschmiegen, sorgen, pflegen wollen. Alle liebe beginnt und endet damit. … Hebt sich nicht unser Hand leicht beim Anblick eines Kätzchens, streichelt sie nicht unwillkürlich über das runde Kinderköpfchen? Anfassen wollen wir, was uns zarte, liebevolle Empfindungen erweckt. Und daraus folgt, dass Fühlen und Anfühlen dasselbe sind.” (Käthe  Kruse: Ich und meine Puppen, S. 128-130)