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The Little Water Sprite, 40 cm tall fabric art doll

The Little Water Sprite is 40 cm tall, completely needle felted.

He has an armature in his neck, so that he can turn his head to any direction, as well as bending his neck towards the sides.

His arms and legs are attached by hand stitched to the torso.

He can sit and stand without support.

His skin is made with Swiss doll making jersey. His blue-green hair is made with soft, shiny silk mohair.

He has a belly button, tiny ears,a little bottom and dimples on his back.

Freckles are spread over his rosy cheeks. His blue gray eyes give you the hint for the many adventures he has in his mind.

He has a cashmere beanie keeping his hair under control if needed.

He wears a dark green woolen sweater, and a creme colored alpaca cardigan on top it. His dark brown shorts are made of %100 wool woven fabric. His adorable leather shoes on top of his socks complete his look.

His fish friend Cyprinus accompanies The Little Sprite in every adventure. Cyprinus is made with woolen knit fabric and stuffed with pure wool. He has button eyes, and a cheeky smile.


The Little Water Sprite and Cyprinus are looking for a new water mill to live in.


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The Little Sprite by Loulabee Dolls

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