Der kleine Wassermann

The Little Water-Sprite

One of the German classics "Der kleine Wassermann". I don't know how often we read this book to our children. The book we have is from my mother-in-laws childhood. Her parents read the book to her and her siblings, she read it to her kids and now we are reading it to our children. That's to say this tale belongs to the family history. Who else knows this story? Is it also one of your children's favorite? Or is it a kind of 'Waldorf Family' book?

I always wanted to make a doll inspired by him.

My 8 years old son wanted to grow his hair, and looked like a bit like the little water-sprite, in blond.

May be that's the reason why started to work on him in September, it was the right moment for this tiny person being born.

The busy time before Christmas hindered me working on him continuously. So now in January I can finally claim him to be finished.

I was thinking of cutting his hair to make it look less wild. But then, last weekend I cut my son's hair. His hair was too long and looked more than wild. You know how it is, when they eat, their hair eating everything with, and there is this curtain hanging over their eyes all the time. Yes, it was at this stage and I was getting mad each time we had supper. At the end he had a good hair cut, yet it didn't save us with his tears. He wanted me to glue all his hair back.

Thus I decided to save my water sprite's tears. His hair will stay wild, and he will put this beanie on to keep them under control, if needed.

My little boy is inspired by the story, or let's say the story gave me the impulse to make my little boy. But I was not intending to make "The Little Water Sprite" of the book. He has the curious, cheeky spirit of the character, his clothing has a little resemblance to those of the character in the book. Still he has of course his best friend Cyprius, the carp fish, to accompany him on his adventures. In my version of the story, Cyprinus is too small to carry the Water Sprite, thus he has to carry Cyprinus. :)

The Little Water Sprite is 40 cm tall, completely needle felted. He has an armature in his neck, so that he can turn his head to any direction, as well as bending his neck towards the sides. His arms and legs are attached by hand stitched to the torso.
He can sit and stand without support.

His skin is made with Swiss doll making jersey. His blue-green hair is made with soft, shiny silk mohair.

He has a belly button, tiny ears,a little bottom and dimples on his back.
Freckles are spread over her rosy cheeks. His blue gray eyes give you the hint for the many adventures he has in his mind.

He has a cashmere beanie keeping his hair under control if needed.
He wears a dark green woolen sweater, and a creme colored alpaca cardigan on top it. His dark brown shorts are made of %100 wool woven fabric. His adorable leather shoes on top of his socks complete his look.

Cyprinus is made with woolen knit fabric and stuffed with pure wool. He has button eyes, and a cheeky smile.


The Little Water Sprite and Cyprinus are looking for a new water mill to live in.


If you think they are meant to live with you please contact me at


They cost 700 Euros per bank transfer within EU. For Paypal payments 735 Euros. Shipping cots apply to the final sum and vary according to your destination.


Thank you very much for your love and support!

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