I know the ancient story of Daphne is not the happiest one, yet my Daphne has nothing to do with the mythological figure. 
She is the happiness in doll form. A calm, warm kind of happiness which is always there, and you carry with you without even recognizing.

We have a very early snow this year. Already in November it snowed, the temperatures are already below 0 C° and it is literally freezing outside.

Still, Daphne reminds me the sunny Aegean coast with all its scents and sounds, in a warm summer night, when I look at her blue eyes and golden hair. She warms my heart with her smile.

I am busy with custom orders for Christmas,  thus Daphne will be the last ready to go doll I will be finishing this year. 

She is a 38 cm tall fully movable doll. She can turn her head, bend her arms. Her head and body are needle felted. Her arms and legs are attached to her torso with hand stitches.

She has the most beautiful, long blond hair, made with mohair locks.

She has a beautiful woolen knitted dress, and a cotton dress with floral patterns. Panties and socks as well as hand made leather shoes. All in harmony with each other.

Daphne can stand when she wears her shoes on, if you balance her right.


If you would love to offer Daphne a place in your heart and home, Daphne can still make it on time to join you for Christmas.



Update: Daphne found a loving home!

Thank you for supporting me in one more beautiful year full of dolls.



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