Designing and constructing Mia took me months. I wrote about this process in my previous blog article, which you can read here.
I knew instantly what I will sew for her. It is not always like this. Usually it takes me very long until I choose the fabrics and the design. However, for Mia, I had an exact image of her dresses in mind as I was making her.
The shoes were the challenge this time. 
I found it hard to put her sweet feet into shoes. For me she is a romantic child who would walk bare feet on the beach or  a meadow full with wild flowers. On the other hand, it is always good to have shoes for any case :)
So I designed a new shoe pattern, this time spent a lot of time in looking for a leather in a fitting color to her clothing.
She loves them! Me too. She can take them of any time she wants the moist grass tickle her toes. 

Her clothes gives her enough freedom to dance, moving her legs and arms elegantly.

She has a beautiful dress which is made with a silk blend fabric. I added some pieces from an antique Kimono onto her dress. I used some pieces of the same Kimono to sew her an adorable jacket, which she can wear in two different ways. She can either close it on her back or on the front. In both ways it looks fantastic on her. 
She wears a voluminous tulle skirt beneath her dress. And the leather shoes, in a creme tone fitting to the color in the Kimono fabric, which again fits to her hair color. I have a kind of a tic considering colors. There must be a certain harmony, a repetition here and there, which brings everything to a whole. I am a painter, and even while making dolls, I am painting. And Mia is one of my master pieces. :)

I already wrote about it, but just a quick summary: Mia is made with a new pattern and a new construction. She can move her arms and legs on the joints, she can turn her body as she has a 'spine'. Her head is fully movable. She has hands with bendable fingers and feet with super cute toes.
She is app. 17" tall, completely needle felted. She has a sun-kissed skin tone, made with organic doll making fabric. Her hair is made with high quality locks in honey color. Her blue eyes are embroidered.


Mia costs 1100 Euros plus shipping costs. 


Mia is already adopted! 


Thank you for your love and support.

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