Dolls are also for boys, and boy dolls are also girls

I like making boy dolls. Somehow they occupy a little space in the market. There are more and more doll makers making boy dolls, but still it is harder to find loving homes for them. First reason is the belief that boys do (or should) not play with dolls. (Which is of course in my opinion non sense!). I often hear people telling me, how much they loved to have one of my dolls, but they only have sons/grandsons.


Most of the parents who buy dolls for their sons, think it should be a boy doll (which I confess, I don't really agree). But at least by this way boy dolls are still asked for, so I don't complain :) Boys playing with dolls see that them being affectionate, caring and loving is right. They learn they are accepted being emotional, not only being strong and courageous. 


On the other hand the same applies for the parents of girls. They think they should also buy their daughters girl dolls, which again makes it hard for the boy dollies finding home. Being a boy in a dolly world is hard, I swear :)


I saw this lovely article in Internet, which very sentimentally explains why boys also need and should be encouraged to play with dolls. If you have time just have a look at here.



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