I don't believe in fairies!!!

i don't believe in fairies!!

Do you remember, I was telling you about my encounter with the little fairy Jeremiah recently?
As I went home, I told the story to Louan immediately. I was so excited and thought he would be impressed as well.
But no! He was not affected at all. Instead he crossed his arms and said:
-I don't believe in fairies, you know I am a big boy. Those stories are for babies!
-I swear I saw him! I even talked to him. His name is Jeremiah, he has golden wings, and he ...
-I told ya, I don't believe in such stories, he shrugged his shoulders and turned away.
There was no need to discuss with him any further, but I must confess I was really dissappointed.

This morning, he came! Yes Jeremiah, he came to visit us. I didn't ask him how he knew where we lived. You know he is a fairy, he has surely his own ways. I was really happy to see him again, but mostly I was keen to see Louan when he meets him.

-Hey Louan, look who is here! Jeremiah...
-My friends call me Jeremy, please call me Jeremy.
-... ehhm, yeah, here is Jeremy, I told you about him.
-Yeah yeah, the fairy guy, right?
-Why don't you come here and meet him, you Mr. Suspicious?

Then he came to the living room, leaving his Lego construction in his room.

-This is Louan, this is Jeremy...

-Nice to meet you!
-See he is just an ordinary boy like me. I don't see any fairy here. I am really impressed that you still have not given up.

-Jeremy, would you please show to Mr. Suspicious your wings? I can't really stand it any more.
-Hey Louan, you should trust the adults sometimes. You know not always, but sometimes they tell the truth. ;)
And he turned his back. You should have seen the face of Louan. He was so surprised. I thought he would never be able to talk again :)

But of course it took only a couple of seconds him to start talking again. 
-Hey are they real?! Woow, cool! I wished I had a couple too! Woow!
.... Then they left me there and walked towards Louan's room. Chatting, giggling ...
Bah! Children, fairy or not, they are all the same. As soon as an other child is there, adults are forgotten.
Hmm am I getting jealous? Jealous of whom, Louan or Jeremy?

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