New Doll Workshop in Berlin

This time it has been a long summer holiday break. It was well deserved and long waited family time. We were mostly away from the civilization, in solitude of our small family. That's why it took me a long while getting adapted to the 'normal' life :)

even though, I missed my atelier very much. All those tiny heads, and bodies have been waiting for me, to be finished. 


Before starting to finish all the dolls, which I had started before the summer break, I decided to plan a new workshop.  It will be in Berlin this Autumn, in person, on 25th and 26th of November. Just when the Advent lights start to sparkle all around the city, while the first Christmas markets start smelling like ginger bread and caramelized almonds...

I love that time of the year in Berlin, and love to share the beauty of the city with you. 


Not only that! I'll share you my fabric shops, crafts stores, fabric markets, vintage stores... I am also thinking of offering some fabrics, shoes and other doll related stuff during the workshop. So better come with a big luggage ;)


The venue is in the center of Berlin, near to all main sight seeing areas. You can easily reach it from airport and main train station with public transport.

There are many hotels and hostels around. 


We will be making a doll with a turning head. I'll show you how to insert an armature so that your doll can pose her beautiful head in any direction.


The workshop will be held in German and English.


You can find detailed information HERE in both languages.


As always, I am happy to answer your questions. Please write me an email to for any question you might have.


I am looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin!


Until then, have an amazing Autumn!