Juliette: a fiery and dreamy red head

The days are getting short so fast. Around the end of October, I realize we live on the very northern part of the world. The day light is getting to be a precious gift. October prepares us to the times where we will rest and contemplate. It helps us to see the things in a new light. May be because I am an October born, for me there would never be enough Octobers in a year.


Today I saw Juliette in the shy and loving October light. And her face warmed my heart.

Happy to share her beauty with you here.

My little birthday present to you!

Juliette is a handful love, created with lots of patience and curiosity. She is a petit girl around 33 cm /13" tall  with a fully movable head.
Her head and body are needle felted. She can turn her head to all directions and tilt her neck. A tiny armature hidden beneath many layers of wool enables this.
Her arms and legs are attached with hand stitches to the torso. She can sit without support and can stand alone by finding the right balance with a little patience. 
She has the softest hair made with red mohair locks. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton thread in a beautiful green tone, fresh and dreamy. She has some very decent freckles on her sweet face.

She wanted to have red colored clothing, and I had flowers in mind. So we decided for neck holder dress made with a floral patterned Liberty fabric, and a red tulle underskirt. For the chilly evenings she has a mohair summer cardigan in a petrol green. And of course I should not forget to mention her adorable red leather shoes. When she puts them on, she can stand without support! :)

Juliette is now looking for a new loving home, where she could meet her new family and make new school friends. 

Please let me know if you are interested in adopting her through an email to loulabee@gmx.de. I'd be happy to answer your questions.


Update: Juliette found a loving home! Thank you for your love and support. 

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