June is a 45 cm /17,5" tall fully movable girl. She can sit and stand freely. With a little patience, you can balance her into different poses to take beautiful pictures.


Due to the armature within, she can rotate her head towards any direction, while she can bend her neck. Her arms are hand sewn to the shoulders. Her legs and ankles are bendable. Her legs are attached with special joints to the hips.


Her skin is made with organic doll making fabric in a sun-kissed tone. She is completely needle felted with organic wool.


She has tiny ears, a shy smile on her cute lips. And tiny toes, which will be tickled by the warm sand during long evening walks at the sea shore!


She wears a beautiful deep green dress, a dark gray hand knitted wool dress, a pair of socks and leather shoes. An additional summer set with a white cotton dress, s mint colored cotton cardigan and a straw hat belongs to her wardrobe.


She is now looking for a new loving home. She costs 970 Euros plus shipping.


June already found a loving home.

Please note: All my dolls are for adult collectors and not suitable for small children.

I made a beautiful white summer dress with an antique lace, and a mint color cardigan for summer days, with a straw hat.

I added some Liberty details, like the band on her straw hat, as well as the lining of her leather shoes. This colorful floral patterned fabric is one of my favorite Liberty fabrics and adds a little playful contrast to June's plain white dress.
This set is available additionally for 100 Euros.

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