Jane is the first doll of this year. She is a fragile spring blossom, blooming in the middle of winter, who brings some light and warmth to the cold and dark January days. 

Yesterday was the first day in the last weeks, with some sunlight. Finally I could take couple of pictures of Jane to present her to you. As I live in the middle of a big city, I'd rather wait for the right light in my living room, instead of going out with my dolls to take their pictures. 

In case of Jane, I was secretly happy for the delay, as she was the light, warming my heart with her shy smile during the last weeks. She was standing on my working table, and watching me working on her siblings being created. 
However, she is the January girl, thus I cannot delay her blog entry any further. :)


Jane is a 44 cm /17,5" tall fully movable girl. She can sit and stand freely. With a little patience, you can balance her into different poses to take beautiful pictures. Due to the armature within, she can rotate her head towards any direction, while she can bend her neck. Her torso is needle felted, her arms are hand sewn to the shoulders.

Her legs and ankles are bendable. Her legs are attached with special joints to the hips.
Her skin is made with organic doll making fabric in a sun-kissed tone. She has embroidered moos green eyes. Her hair is made with straight mohair locks in a honey blond color.

She has tiny ears, a shy smile on her cute lips.

She comes with a cotton dress with a floral pattern in green-orange-red tones, a moos green underskirt, and a milk coffee colored hand knitted woolen dress. She has a underwear and socks in a fitting color to her clothes. I also made a pair of leather boots for her. 


She costs 870 Euros, plus shipping costs (tracked and insured). If you wish to use PayPal %5 fees apply to the total sum.

Payment plans are possible if needed.

I will need couple of days to say good by and make her ready for her travel.

If you wish to give Jane a loving home please contact me at loulabee@gmx.de


Update: Jane has already found a loving home!


Thank you for your love and support!

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