This little girl was a custom order. Her mum was wishing to have a doll made by me for a long time, and finally the time arrived.
As I was working on her, I was watching the dahlias of a friend in her garden. She was posting gorgeous pictures everyday from her blooming garden. I love dahlias, as my father used to grow them in our garden too. Every autumn we had a colorful palette of dahlias blooming everywhere.

So I chose the name Dahlia for her.

She is a warm-hearten autumn child, with her moos green eyes and copper red hair, and that naughty smile.

Dahlia is 35 cm/14 inches tall, fully movable and free standing. She is needle felted completely with carded, clean, new wool. Her skin is made with organic doll making fabric.

All clothes are from natural fibers, and hand made by me.



She is already adopted.

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