Princess Kate

I was contacted by a loving mother from US recently. She wanted to gift her daughter a doll looking like Kate Middleton, Princess of Whales. Her daughter was keen to sew clothing for her own princess. Thus her mum asked me if I could make the doll a little bigger than I usually make my dolls. So, I changed my pattern a little. Kate is 45 cm/17,5 inches tall. I must confess, I like her size and proportions very much, and will surely make new dolls in her size.

It was such a fun to work on this modern princess's clothes too.
A party dress for special occasions, a linen dress for the day, a silk/wool mix coat and a hat. 

Kate looks adorable in any of them. 

She is already on the way to her new home, so that she can join the Christmas party.

I am looking forward to hear from her and her new friend.



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