Miara and her sister, whose name we don't know yet

I have told you about Miara in my last blog entry. The special girl with my new pattern, who is fully movable and can stand stable at the same time. I needed to work on the construction of the body as well adjust the patterns for my 38 cm tall dolls. As she was finished I started to work on her sister. I am getting old. Each time I leave time between dolls, I somehow  forgot many details, how I solved the problems on my way, and start new. 😄 So this time I wanted to continue making new dolls before forgetting how in world I was able built that beautiful doll body! 😄
Then this fiery young lady came to life. I had these beautiful red locks for about 4 years now. I have tried them on several dolls, but never had the feeling "that's it!". So they had to be patient and wait their turn. But the loong time waiting was worth it. Today they have finally their precious owner and I have my "that's it" feeling. 😄❤️ 

I must tell you, she is a little bushfire! She knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn't. I had to accept that I won't change anything on her hair. But that she doesn't want to put on shoes, will be a long discussion subject among us two. We'll see how it ends... 😄❤️
Meanwhile Miara was a little bit jealous of her sibling. She claimed, since her sister came, whose name we don't know yet, I completely forgot her. And the jumpsuit I was thinking for her sister, whose name we don't know yet, had to be Miaras' (at least for this session of pictures).

Now, her sister, whose name we don't know yet, wants a jumpsuit with flowers too. So I have to work and sew some other clothes, among which these two can choose whichever they want. 😅
It will be a long week, I tell you. Too many girls with strong will here.😂

As soon as they are ready with choosing their dresses, they will be available for adoption. If you already fell in love with them, you are welcome to contact me already, at loulabee@gmx.de

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