Free standing full movable dolls

Exactly two years ago this time, I have finished my first full movable doll. Coral could turn her head towards the sides, and bend her neck, so that she could look up and down and tilt her head. She could also bend her legs and arms. The construction of the head and the neck, and the connection to the body was a result of many experiments, trials and errors. But as it always is, every trial and error leads to a satisfying result. Following Coral, I made many dolls in this manner.
Last summer I dared one more step and tried to built the body so that that the dolls could stand freely without support. Rosemarie was the first doll I made, who could stand without support, yet with fully movable head and limbs. Although a little bit patience was needed while finding the right balance :)

My new dolls can now move better and sit and stand without support easily. It is so much fun to take pictures of them.
Miara is the first one of these new dolls, and I am already working on her siblings. The dolls made with this new pattern are between 35 to 38 cm tall. Due to a special armature their movement is very natural and their bodies are very stable. Their bodies and heads are needle felted with pure new wool, covering the armatures completely. Their hairs are made with natural fibers, locks from mohair, teeswater or alpaca. 

Unfortunately I cannot display a video on my web page here, but if you'd like to, you can see Miara moving on my facebook or instagram pages.
I will be posting more pictures of Miara and her siblings soon.


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