Leyla, again and again

-"I don't want to wear a skirt!"

-"But honey, it is for special occasions. Sometimes you need to look pretty!


-"... Like now. You better find a loving mum who likes to eat sweets as much as you do, soon. Or else, you have to stay with me and be contend with a portion once a week!?"

-"OK! Then do it quick!... What?! Why do I have to wear the sweater too. It is soo itchy!!!"....

Help please! Leyla is looking for a new home. She is the sweetest girl you have ever met, as long as you have enough sweets at home.

She is one of my "Berlin Delights" girls. Approximately 30 cm tall. Has a beautiful southern skin color, very innocent black eyes and black mohair hair that always does whatever it likes. She comes with several pieces of clothing, although she likes to wear her dungarees at most: A top and a skirt from a Japanese printed cotton fabric, a pair of dungarees in light blue, panties, socks and a pair of leather shoes.



Please send me a pm if you think you can handle the temperament this girl.

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