Little Sophie was born a little too early. She was actually due December, but I finished her in early November. And the cardigan/sweater is responsible for it :)

I was knitting a cardigan for one of my other dolls, on which I am still working (!), but then realized that she was not the right person to wear it. (I give you a secret: I have a beautiful box full with doll clothes, and the longer a doll stays with me the higher is the possibility that she/he would change clothes (and thus her/his listing will change too) during that time. I am kind of working on a doll until they leave me to travel their new home.)
So I started making Sophie, who was a custom order due December. She is such a little cutie pie, with her chubby cheeks, feet, hands and tommy! And that lemon yellow cardigan fits her perfectly. What I love about this kind of knitted tops is that, it can be worn as a cardigan tied on the front or the back. It both ways it look beautiful. With one piece of clothing you can have different looks.

Sophie is 30 cm tiny, with needle felted head and stuffed with pure wool in the body and limbs. Warm, soft and cuddly! What would you wished more? :) 

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