It was a beautiful summer. We have spent some time at our holiday house in northern Germany. Our house (better to say the house of my mother in law) is hidden in between huge fields and forests far away from the civilization :) just the contrary of our flat in an apartment house  in the center of Berlin. I need couple of days to get used to the change in between each time. When we are there, it is so dark and silent during the nights, here in the city it never gets dark at all, and we always hear the cars and people. There we have deer and rabbits coming to our garden occasionally, here we watch the sparrows and pigeons sitting in front of our windows and watching us.
Here we have all the comfort, there we have peace and calmness.
Any way, this time I took couple of my dolls with me to take some pictures in that little paradise. I already posted some pictures of Lima in my preview entries. Now I want to show you Rosemarie.

She was wandering among the fields with me as we saw a herd of deer. They are always around us. One of them has albinism and completely white. The hunters do not shoot at him, because they believe it brings misfortune. Luckily the hunters are superstitious :) This is the third year we see this white guy.

For Rosemarie and the other dolls it was the first time meeting a deer, so she was totally fascinated by them.

She stood there calm and silent and watched them for a while.


Yes, Rosemarie can stand unaided by herself! She has a wire armature in her legs and joints on her hips, so that she can stand alone and pose with a little balancing. She can turn her head and bend her neck. Also her arms and legs are bendable, which offers the possibility of posing her in several different ways. It was fun to take her pictures, and I am sure you will also enjoy it.

She is 38 cm tall. Her head and complete body are needle felted. Her eyes are embroidered in a beautiful green tone. Her hair is made with soft alpaca locks in different shades of honey blond. She has a tiny bum and a belly button. I used bees wax for blushing. 


I have used an old antique Kimono for her dress. It is from raw silk, and has a fitting soft silk lining. I tried to keep the original hand saw seams of the Kimono as much as I could. She has a fitting panties and socks. A pair of leather shoes and a hand knitted mohair cardigan complete her set of clothing.


Update: Rosemarie has already found a loving home. 


Thank you for your support and love.



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