Renée is a dream girl, with her beautiful, long, soft hair. Her hair is made with wensleydale locks in a unique color. You can gently  hand style her hair, please do not comb.


She is made with high quality doll fabric in a beautiful, warm skin tone. Her sky blue eyes are embroidered. Her head is needle sculpted. Her body is slightly needle felted to form the details. 


She is a 38 cm tall Waldorf inspired art doll. She has tiny feet and hands, a belly button, a cute bottom and dimples on her back. She also has cute ears. She can bend her neck due to a  wire armature in it. 


Renée comes with two dresses, a hand knitted asymmetric woolen cardigan and a pair of hand crocheted shoes. One of the dresses she has, is from a blue linen with Liberty London details. The other dress has short sleeves and made with light weight cotton with floral pattern, fitting to her hair.


She is not recommended to young children.


Renée costs 550 € (plus shipping).



Thank you for your support and love.


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