Baby Isaiah and the Rabbit Leopold

Two weeks ago, as a dear customer asked me, if I could make a baby doll, I was actually working on other dolls. But the idea of a baby boy didn't leave me any room for other activities. I just needed to start immediately and I couldn't stop working on it until it finished. My sweet black baby boy and his bunny, had to come to life as soon as it was possible.

My customer asked me if it would be harder to make clothing for a baby boy. It seems easier to make cute fancy dresses for a girl, right?
I must confess, I had to stop myself making more and more clothes for this boy, as his mom wanted to sew and knit for him too. So although I had so many things in mind, he has to be satisfied only with this tiny (!) wardrobe :)
Oh, by the way, it is easier to go to a journey, if you have a little friend by your side. So the little rabbit is going with him too ;)

Isaiah is a very movable 35 cm tall doll. He can move his arms and legs, as well as his elbows. He also can tilt her neck due to a wire armature in it. His complete head and body partially needle felted. His hair is made with teeswater locks. I saw the locks one by one onto his head to give it a natural baby look.

His skin is made with high quality doll fabric. His eyes are embroidered. He has tiny ears, a belly button, nipples, dimples, and a tiny cute bum. I made tiny toes for his feet. They look so cute on a baby feet! Of course not to forget his tiny worm :))
His clothing is made with natural materials only. He has three sets of clothing, with several pieces, including a pair of leather shoes and a hand knitted cardigan.
It was full two weeks work to create him, and oh how I enjoyed every single minute of it!


Isaiah and Leopold have already found a loving home. 
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