Easter is coming

Eater bunnies Edition of 6 
I made 4 of these cuties till now. The first four have already found home. Two more is coming the next days. I wished to make many of these bunnies, but I don't have enough fabric! Who would have believed that I would lack fabrics. Yet although my cupboard is full, there is no fitting fabric at the moment. All shops are closed, and I am not very fancy of buying my fabrics online. I need to have them in my hands, and see the original colors before I can decide. So all my fabrics come from local shops, either here in Berlin, or from my travels around the world.
Anyway, I stop complaining and hope to finish the last two bunnies today.

They are made with organic cotton and stuffed with new carded wool. Their feet and hands are weighted with glass beads. I saw additional tiny sacks, where I put and secured the glass beads before putting them into the doll. Still I would not recommend these bunnies for children at small age.
Please send me a mail to loulabee@gmx.de, if you are interested, so that I can inform you about my shop update.
I love the Easter feeling, when I have these cuties in my hands.
Hope you would too.

Sending you loves to you all.

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