Lotte and Lilli

My kids started to ask me already, how long they have to sleep until Christmas. Thus, I thought I might start making couple of dolls for the children, who might have a doll on their wish list for Santa.


He surely would appreciate some help. You know, over 65 years and a bit too weak for the sweets, and Covid... All makes it a little harder for him this year. But luckily, he has us: his helpers all over the world :)


I created a new pattern for a little bit smaller doll, representing a younger child.

Lilli and Lotte are made with this pattern. They are around 30 cm tall, made in the classical Waldorf technique. I used Swiss doll making fabric for both. They are children dolls, as they have simpler facial expressions. They both have a sweet tiny bum, and belly button. Their arms and legs are attached to the torso in a way that they are movable. Their hair is made with mohair yarn for doll hair.


They both have one set of clothing. Lilli's jumpsuit and Lotte's dress both are made with organic cotton fabric. Lilli's cardigan is a silk, wool mix, while Lotte's is 100% wool.


Lilli has red hair and blue-gray eyes.

Lotte has long blond hair and sapphire-blue eyes.


Lilli is a little rascal, and I must confess, she just does whatever she puts into her mind.

Lotte has a soft character and although she is a little rascal too, she can hide it behind her calm temperament.


These two girls: you can see they are sisters but still cannot believe they are.


They are made for children, who have a dolly on their wish list from Santa.


Please send me a mail to, if you think they would make your little one happy.


(Update: Lilli and Lotte have already found loving homes. If you wish to have a similar doll, please contact me.)


Thank you for your love and support <3



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    Anna (Friday, 04 December 2020 12:16)

    Lotte ist soooo süß, ein entzückendes Püppchen, viel schöner als auf den Fotos! Sie kann sogar selbständig sitzen und die Körperproportionen sind sehr kindgerecht. Sie ist die kleine Schwester von Sky und Pink Martini und weiß, ihren Platz einzunehmen zwischen den größeren Schwestern. Vielen Dank liebe Gonca, du hast uns eine große Freude bereitet!