Summer is a rare sunlight in the gray November days. She is like a fine butterfly flattering around, in a sunny warm summer day.

Her beautiful hair is made with Teeswater Locks in several shades of pink. Her skin has a beautiful peach color, still has the healthy summer light. I think the hazelnut brown fits perfectly for her eye color, fitting her a warm, soft and friendly nature. 

Her head and torso is needle felted. She can turn her head and bend her neck. She has articulated elbows, so very movable.

She wears a very beautiful dress made with Japanese cotton, with drops of yellow and pink. I actually made the dress first and then Summer. This time completely other way around :)

Above that dress, she has a woolen hand knitted cardigan and crocheted shoes. An additional dress is made with a lighter cotton jersey.
She is 38 cm /14" tall. Has a tiny bum, and dimples on her back.


Summer costs 585 € plus shipping costs.


If you wish to adopt Summer and invite a little bit of warm light into your home, or if you have any questions please send me an e-mail to

Thank you for your support <3


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