I have been working on Sophia for a while now. It is very typical of me, working on a doll very intensively but then leaving big breaks and just observe them for weeks before making the last step, the last finishing touch. I always love their accompany and sometimes I just can't let them go. So I wait until I am ready them to leave :)

Sophia is now finally ready for the big world. She is a city girl, born and grown up in Berlin, just in the very center of the city. She knows a lot about everything (Let's say, she is pretty sure, she knows everything.) That's why she insisted to be called 'Sophia.'


She is 38 cm tall, her head and torso are needle felted. Her hair are made with very soft alpaca locks. She has embroidered blue gray eyes. She can turn her head, while bending her neck due to a special construction I developed for my dolls.

She comes with several pieces of outfit. 


A beautiful blue dress, made with Japanese cotton and tulle, a jeans jacket,  crocheted wool shoes and wool socks, as well as a woolen shawl. In addition she has a very chic jumpsuit made from a light cotton fabric with beautiful motive (which I wish to have for myself actually :) ).

Sophia is available for adoption and would be very happy to finally discover the world. She was a bit bored sitting in my atelier the last couple of weeks :)


She costs 585 € plus the shipping costs. 


Please send me a mail to if you would like to adopt Sophia, or for any questions you might have.


Thank you for your love and support <3



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