Momo is a 35 cm / 14" tall waldorf inspired art doll. Her hair is made with beautiful Alpaca locks in their natural black color. I used high quality Swiss doll making fabric for her skin. Her eyes are embroidered. I blushed her face with bees wax crayons.


Her head and complete body are needle felted. The neck is built with a special technique unique to my dolls, so that she can bend it, as well as turn it towards the sides. She has articulated sweet bum and dimples on her back. She wears an outfit made with a very beautiful linen-cotton mixture fabric, a linen petticoat, a double circle skirt, pink panties and beautiful leather shoes. She has also has a beautiful light dress, which is supposed to be a night dress, but also fits for warm days as a summer dress. I made her shoes with high quality lambs leather.

Momo also has a knitted dress and a pair of socks from a beautiful peach colored mohair silk yarn, fitting to her name. "Momo" means "peach" in Japanese, by the way :)


Please send me an email to if you would like Momo live with you.


Thank you your love and support <3

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