Arwen is a 35 cm /14" tall waldorf inspired, natural fibres art doll.

Her head and torso are needle felted. The construction of her neck allows her to turn her head towards the sides, as well as bending the neck.

Her articulated elbows adds more motion to her body and makes dressing up easier. 
Her hair is made with long, deep brown wenseydale locks. 

She wears a beautiful dress with a double circle skirt, supported with an underskirt and a petticoat.
She has a gray-green cashmere poncho and pair of booties/socks from the same material.

Additionally she has a light cotton pajamas and panties.

I must confess: She has the most beautiful lips I ever made :)

Arwen is now looking for a new home.  You can find her listing on my shop.


Thank you for your support  💕





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