I have been planning to make Elinor nearly for two years now. I met the lovely daughter of a friend back then. Elinor, that lovely, funny, wild child, with her nearly white blond hair, with a bit too long fringes falling onto her big blue eyes, running in their garden with her dog, both completely wet because of the pouring rain.

My Elinor turned out to be a calmer beauty at the end, but still have a touch of the real Elinor. May be she will look like my Elinor, when she is older. Who knows 

So here she is: Elinor!

35 cm / 14" tall, with blue eyes, and white, soft alpaca hair. She wears a beautiful skirt and top, made with a gorgeous damask fabric fitting to her perfectly. A blue petticoat beneath her skirt completes the 50s style 

She has a wool/cashmere blend poncho in fitting orange, and a fitting panties. I also made a pair of leather shoes for her.

Additionally, she has a light cotton dress/pajamas.

Elinor has found a loving home.

Thank you for your love and support

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