Poppy, the early summer girl


I actually wanted to make one art doll in month this year. So was it planned. Yet it seems I am far behind that aim. This is the Covid-19 effect on my doll making. Considering how hard it hit several other, I don't want to complain about it at all. So accepted the deceleration in my life and enjoying it as it is. 


Mid March the lock down started here. The schools, kindergartens, shops, cafes, restaurants, not to mention all cultural activities were affected.

We decided to leave to our holiday house on the countryside for two weeks. Two days after we arrived, the borders between the states, where we are living and where our holiday house is, was closed. Everyone had to leave and to go back to the state where their main address were. It took some days until they changed it, those who were already there were allowed to stay, but the travel between the states were still forbidden. That meant, if we went back home, we were not be able to come back. So we decided to stay there the next 5 weeks. It was the beginning of spring. We literally watched every single flower to bloom. We had snow, rain, sun and storm... And we enjoyed every moment of it. 

We had to return as the schools started, which means only once a week for 2 hours :) 

I had only a little box with couple of my doll making tools and a handful of wool. Interestingly, I could make three heads out of that. One of those heads turned out to be my beautiful Poppy. 


I first finished Vincent, my aviator when we were back. 
As he was about to finish I started making Poppy, so that they could meet each other before Vincent left us. And it was love at first sight. They are still writing each other :)


Poppy is 35 cm tall.  Her face and body is made meticulously with needle felting technique. Due to the wire armature and the construction of her head and neck, she can turn her head towards right and left, and bend her neck. She has a tiny bum, belly button and dimples...


She has beautiful soft black hair, made with alpaca locks; all sorted, washed and cleaned by me, and worked into a wig. It is in its natural color.


She comes with two sets of clothing including a short bodysuit made with a light cotton fabric, a beautiful dress made from a red Japanese linen, a green linen cardigan and a pair of golden leather shoes made by me. Her hair accessory has three feather butterflies. She also have an other hair clip with one butterfly.


Poppy costs 600 €, plus shipping.


If you wish her to live with you please send me a mail to loulabee@gmx.de

Thank you for your support and love <3


POPPY has found a loving home.


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