The Great Aviator Vincent

This Easter, my son got a lovely book from his Grandma. The book is about a little penguin, whose greatest dream was flying. It believed when it grows up, his wings would be big enough that he could fly. Although all other penguins laughed at him, he didn't give up exercising and trying everyday. At the end of the story he found an old plane and flew with it.

While I was reading the story to my son I remembered my first fly with such a small plane, like the one in the story nearly twenty years ago. Of course a modern one but a propeller plane like the one in the story, in which there is only space for two people, and you feel you fly immediately. Anyway, I told my son that I already flew with a plane like that and he was very fascinated from his pretentious mum :) 

That little penguin and the enthusiasm in the eyes of my son inspired me immediately. I made some sketches how my little dolly should look like and started to felt the head. We were at our holiday house, and I only had a bunch of wool and two felting needles with me.
When we were back home I started working on this little boy.
I named him Vincent, after my dear friend who convinced me to join him on the propeller plane years ago. 

So here he is, my dear Vincent!
Every single detail on him is made by me. He is 35 cm tall.  He can turn his head and bend his neck. His head and body is sewn with Swiss doll fabric, and needle felted with pure wool. His eyes are embroidered with mercerized cotton yarn. His hair is made with raw alpaca locks with their natural color. I bought them directly from the farmer, sorted and cleaned them and made the wig for this boy. You can style his hair with your hands.


His aviator hat and googles cost me hours of trials and errors. The hat is made from a lambs leather. The goggles are also made with leather. The same leather I used for his shoes.
The has a beautiful linen shirt, with tiny square pearl buttons. His shorts are from a very soft alpaca-camel-mix fabric. His socks are from fine merino. Finally he has a cashmere scarf. All of the clothing is based in green and brown tones, fitting to his green eyes and brown hair.
I made a cardboard plane for him, which he can carry on his shoulders by the leather handles.


Vincent costs 650 € plus shipment.




Thank you for your love and support.



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