Coral Waldorf Inspired Art Doll

I have been working on Coral since last summer. I was experimenting with the movement, as I already wrote in my previous blog entry. Several heads and limbs were destroyed, before I finally reached what I was aiming for.

Except then she is a real cutie, Coral can do several things which my previous dolls could not do.


She can turn her head towards the sides. Her neck is bendable. She can bend her legs. She can sit unaided.


All these are possible, first of all, because she is completely needle felted. I also used a wire armature in her neck and her knees, so that they are bendable. In order to make the her turn her head towards the sides, I needed to change the whole way I construct my dolls, and it functioned well at the end.


She is 35 cm tall, has a sun kissed skin. I used this skin color for the first time too. It really fits to her beautiful red locks (Wensleydale locks) and her light blue-gray eyes.


She wears a beautiful dress made with Japanese linen, and a hand knitted woolen cardigan with leather bands. I also made a pair of leather shoes, for the first time in my life and they turned out superb. 


I should not forget to mention the little bunny. It is the first time I needle felted an animal.


I think Coral is a super special girl, who is an accumulation of many "firsts" in my doll making adventure.


She and her little bunny will bring the Easter to you a bit earlier this year, and are looking forward to meeting you.


Coral and the Bunny cost 600 Euros plus shipping costs. If you are interested in giving them a loving home, or in case of any questions please send me a mail at



CORAL has found a loving home. Thank you for your interest and for supporting us.






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