It was hard to find a name for this girl. She is a calm one who does not like to speak for herself too much. She is rather there (very present that you cannot "not recognize" her) and observes everything around her. You have to be calm and a good listener in order to get to know her. At one moment she seems to be very fragile, a second later she looks at you through her sapphire blue eyes and looks like an old tree that no one could bend.


It took me couple of weeks to finish her, several trials and errors to reach the result I imagined. Couple of weeks full of excitement, disappointment, woows and oohs and so on... Thus, her name is Athena, the goddess of war, wisdom, art and crafts.

She is the spirit in all doll makers :)

Athena is a 35 cm tall. Her head and body are needle felted. She has a wire armature in her neck, so that she can move it. Her hair is made with pink Mohair locks. Her eyes are embroidered with sapphire blue yarn.


She wears a silk blend glamorous grow, in a dusty pink color. Her dress is decorated with handmade flowers (70 of them!), each of them is unique. Her shoes are made from the same material.


She also has a sleeveless top and an underwear, made with a very lightweight cotton fabric and lace.


Athena costs 750 € plus shipment.


If you would love to give her a home please send me a message at


If there are more than one person interested, I will draw a name on Saturday, 29th of February, and inform you on the next day.



UPDATE: Athena has already found a loving home. Thank you all for your love and interest in Athena, and for your kind words! You made us both very happy and proud. The lucky dolly mom has been informed, and Athena will be on her way to her new home in the coming days.



Thank you for being here and supporting us. 


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