Some glamour is needed!!!

I somehow need glamour at the moment. Every girl likes some glamour sometimes, right?


I have seen a video, showing Dior Team working on a glamorous dress, and as usual I immediately had the feeling "I want do that!" Then the hands got itchy, mind stormy... 


I started to make some silk flowers, as the Dior people did :) Bought some tulle and embroidered fabric. Now I am into these flowers. 


Cut circles, formed them with the help of a candle. Nearly burned my desk, already burned couple of fingers, destroyed half of the circles I had cut. Then I started to have the feeling of it. Needed 4 hours though to make a hand full flowers at the end. But I never give up, so continued to work another whole day again to make more flowers. Still burned some fingers. At first I saw the burnt edges of the flowers as imperfection, but than I realized the three dimensionality they added those flowers. The flowers have gotten more real with the burnt edges. So I decided to keep them. At the end I made more than hundred flowers, have chosen the best.

After finishing the flowers, I saw the dress, and a pair of shoes. If I counted right I attached 70 flowers on that tiny dress. I cannot imagine making a dress like that for an adult! 


Believe it or not, that dress can stand without any support :)





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