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I have been making dolls for several years now. At the beginning it was purely for children. As my doll making journey evolved, I learned new techniques and by this way I could create more sophisticated dolls. 

At a certain point I had to decide for whom my dolls are made. For children or adult collectors? The decision had to be made, as some of the materials, especially considering the hair and the fabrics for the clothing, are not suitable for a small child. Not because they are not in good quality. They are still 100% natural fibers. Yet especially the alpaca or mohair locks used for the hair come from private farmers, who do not go the long way of official certification process. It is just too expensive for these farmers.

Additionally, a toy for a child should be as simple as possible in order to nurture their creativity (according to the Waldorf pedagogical concept). This makes the sophisticated dolls with meticulously sculpted faces not suitable for a child of young age in my opinion.


So I started to make mainly collectible dolls for adults, with delicate and sophisticated  faces and bodies. The cloths are made with high quality natural materials, designer or vintage fabrics which I have been collecting for years.


These dolls take a lot of time, as I am needle felting (sculpting the wool with the help of a single needle) complete doll, head to toe. I also use wire armatures for the neck so that the dolls can move their heads slightly.
As the time is limited, I cannot make many dolls. So I will make my dolls and try to put on my 
FacebookInstagram or main web page for adoption. I hope at least once a month. So please follow both of my social media pages in order to be up to date. I don't take any custom orders for collectible art dolls, yet happy to hear about your wishes and inform you if a doll similar to your wishes is on the way. 

The prices for the collectible dolls vary, depending on each single doll itself.


As some of my customers whose children are enjoying the accompany of my dolls were very disappointed with this decision, I decided to continue making my children dolls. but not many. So please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to have a Loulabee doll for your child.



The doll making classes are still happening. Please let me know if you are interested in learning from me, beginner, intermediate or advanced level. I will happily add you my workshops list and inform you in advance as soon as I organize one. Just send me an email to to add your name to my list.


My workshops at the European Waldorf Doll Retreat in June 2020 are so far fully booked. I can inform you if any cancellations happen. Please add your name to the waiting list by sending me an email.


I am also invited to Turkey to offer a workshop there. I will be offering a Head Sculpting workshop in Izmir sometimes in April this year. I will announce the exact dates, as soon as I know.


And of course, I haven't forgot all who are too far away to attend a workshop in Europe. My very talented photographer friend Eva and I have been working on a doll making tutorial for a year now, and it will be available at the end of this month in English. 


I am still learning and developing my skills, and curious what this year will bring, how my dolls will evolve in 2020.


And of course, I always enjoy reading your comments and messages. Let me know about your wishes and expectations from Loulabee dolls.



Wish you all a great year full of dreams!!!

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