Experimenting with Motion

I have been experimenting with my doll making recently.

Actually all of my doll making journey is an experiment in itself.
At the moment, yet, I am exploring the movement in my dolls' joints. I want to make their joints movable but not floppy. 

Especially the movement of the head is challenging. Keeping the head stable and movable at the same time.
I already used in several dolls the wire armature in the neck so that it is possible to bend it. What I want to is now however more than that. I want my dolls be able to turn their heads to the sides, so that they can look towards right or left, while keeping the neck bendable.

So I have been experimenting with the neck the last couple of weeks, and probably will continue in the coming weeks in order to reach a satisfying result. Also hoping to have more satisfying pictures of this process, may be a video. But working with one hand while holding the camera in the other is more challenging than the motion of the neck :)
I promise to do something about it and post some pictures soon. For now only my words and thoughts...

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