What is a doll making workshop about?

What do you do at a doll making workshop? Make a doll? 
Several people sitting around a table all two days long, 8 hours a day... You make a doll... 

It is more than making a doll. It is always more than a doll...


In each doll making workshop, I meet several very interesting people. Everyone of them have their stories, some share more, some less... But each time I have emotional moments. Sometimes the eyes get wet, without that the others see. Just look down to the doll, a bit more concentrated and no one would see. Sometimes someone gives you a hug or put a hand on your shoulder.

Sometimes lots of laughters, which cause the tears in the eyes.


Last year a participant said: "I always do stuff for the others. All my life I was concerned to make other people around me happy. You know what, this time I make a doll for myself, just for that little child in me. Yes THIS DOLL IS ONLY FOR ME."


Last weekend there was a mother in my workshop. A very talented, lovely, caring person. I knew already that she was going through a hard time, as she had to cancel a previous workshop last year, since her newborn baby had to go through a very severe heart operation. Luckly the operation was a great success and her little one is now healthy. During the workshop she asked me if we could make a scar on her doll's chest. Her voice was shaking, her eyes were full. Just for half a second... 


In the evening, I embroidered a little heart on the neck part of the head, which would be hidden in the torso the next day.
On the second day of the workshop I said to her: "In case we put a scar, I wanted to put a little heart in your dolly. So that you can remember that that little heart is healty, each time you see that scar." She decided not to make the scar on her doll.


Another mother with a six months old baby was telling me, "Hey I saw your announcement and thought I need to do something for me, meet other adults, do something nice. And don't have a bad consience. Best way to do that is to make a doll for my baby :)))"


Yes, so far about the workshops. It is not only about making dolls, it is, as it always is, about us <3



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    AB (Thursday, 07 March 2019 08:32)

    What a touching story .... thanks for sharing

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    loulabee (Thursday, 07 March 2019 08:35)

    Thank you for taking your time to read and comment.

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    Тома (Friday, 17 January 2020 14:47)

    Очень трогательная история, до слез...

  • #4

    Loulabee (Friday, 17 January 2020 18:56)

    Thank you very much Toma!