Ella is a 35 cm tall natural fibers art doll.

She is completely (head, body and the limbs) needle felted with clean carded pure wool, which makes a very smooth surface all around the body.

Her skin is sewn with high quality Swiss fabric.

Her hair is made with very fine alpaca locks wefted and crocheted into a cap, thus needs to be handled with care. Alpaca locks in different shades of brown are used for a more natural look.

Her eyes are embroidered with a dark blue yarn.

She has a belly button, nipples, a cute bum and dimples on her back.

She comes with a beautiful warderobe of clothing fitting to her skin and eye color.

A linen dress with buttons on its back is completed with a 100% cashmere cardigan. A little brooch with red flowers decorates her cardigan.

She also has a top made of a Japanese linen fabric with beautiful prints. Beneath it she wears tutu skirt in a matching red.

The %100 cashmere shoes with little red pompoms and her red panties fit to both set of clothing.

She is not recommended for children under 8 years. 


Ella already found a loving home.


Die Puppenmama sagt: "Die Ella mit dem herbstfarbenen Haar sitzt nun hier bei mir. Sie hat die Reise gut überstanden und wir haben uns ein wenig 'beschnuppert':

...ich finde Ella ganz zauberhaft, ihr Gesichtsausdruck ist so zart und liebenswert. auf mich wirkt sie so rosig und lebendig, das hatte mir gleich gefallen an ihr...!

außerdem hast du ihr ganz wunderbare Kleidung geschneidert...die Farbtöne sind in Harmonie mit ihrem Wesen, alles stimmig...wie ein Gedicht :)."
Nicola H.


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