One of my earliest memories from my childhood is about the moon.
My family had a ritual going out for a walk after the dinner. Every evening. In winter the walks were shorter in summer they were longer and we even got ice-cream some days.
On one of those evenings, I think I must have been between two and three years old, I saw the full moon. It was so huge and light, and soooo fascinatingly beautiful that I stopped walking. It was as if I was glued on the pavement. After couple of seconds it was clear: I wanted that ball!!! My parents were surprised and didn’t know what to do, as I was shouting and crying “I want the ball!” After couple of minutes, my father started jumping in order to show me how high the “ball” is and he could not reach it to take it down. He promised me to come the next evening with a ladder so that he could reach the ball. I don’t remember what happened the next evening, but all my life, each time I had a wish which was hard to reach, I had to listen my parents telling me “you always want the impossible, even as a little child you wanted the moon!”
And still I really love watching the full moon. As we moved to our new flat recently, I was mostly worried that I would not be able to see the full moon any more. In our old flat we have a great view of the sky that I could see the moon every night. Our first evening at our new flat, my husband called me and showed the full moon rising. An even more beautiful view of the sky was his surprise to me.
After four weeks, yesterday I watched the moon eclipse from our window. That beautiful big red ball smiling down to me. My heart flattered as it did some decades ago!
By the way, we are still living in the middle of a chaos, boxes everywhere. No telephone or internet connection, a barely functioning kitchen, a bathroom with huge windows and no curtains… I believe, I don’t even have to talk about my not yet existing working room. It is exhausting and sometimes feels hopeless. I miss working on my dolls, but it seems it will take a bit longer then I thought to start working again. Also to write here, as it is harder to do all internet activity through a very old cell phone.
Still the ready to go dolls on my shop are available at any time and ready to ship within 1-2 days.
Hope to be more active soon.

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