Esma and the Berlin Street Style

Everyone is talking about Berlin Street Style in the last years. Berlin is the center of “Street Style” in Europe. It looks like, as if you go out without taking a shower and combing your hair, but in reality you have spent at least a week on what you would wear on a certain moment on the street, not mentioning how much money you have spent for your wardrobe.

On the one hand it is sometimes stressing not to know if you are “street styled” enough, but on the other hand it helps a lot if you wake up too late and have to rush out the door without taking a shower and combing your hair, as you need to bring your children to school on time. In this case you would probably taken as an artist or a designer belonging to the best of the Berlin street style scene.

There is another style in Berlin, which is called “onion style”. I basically learned this style after having children. As the weather in Berlin is not very reliable, you never know what to put on your children to cover the whole day, in which it would probably rain, snow, and get over 30 degrees all together. So the “onion style” is the most reliable style to get dressed properly. It means you wear many thin layers on each other, so that you can take them off or put on according to the weather.


In the last weeks, it has been the high season of the onion style. As I started to sew Esma’s dresses, it was spring, meanwhile we had the high summer and winter. So I changed mind very often until I remembered my most beloved style: Onion style!!!

Esma has a very light woolen reversible shirt, which can be worn from both sides. She has a light cotton skirt, if it gets cooler, she can wear her low-cut sleeveless dress, and if its gets colder and colder her red woolen coat.
If it gets over 30 degrees she can also get out with her red undies. In Berlin no one cares if you walk naked around. That’s the best part of the Berlin Street style


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