Little Mermaid

I always told to myself, there are two characters I would not make as a doll maker. Frida Kahlo and Mermaids. Not that I like them. I indeed love both characters, but also thought that the world does not need one more Frida
Anyway, as life usually proves you that your thoughts are worthless, I am here now making mermaids
As I was thinking of creating a new style, a sort of metamorphosis, the first thing came to my mind was the story of the little mermaid written by Anderson. That little princess of the seas, who risked her life, gave up everything she had for love. She gave up her life in the sea, her beautiful voice to get two legs and the promise of a soul. She listened to her heart and followed her feelings until the very end of the story, which was also her end. I hope this would not be my case
The first doll of my new series which is finally finished is my Scarlet. She wears a removable mermaid tail and a simple beautiful white dress.
I hope you would love her and her sisters as much as I do

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