Ice Queen (Part 2)

Ice queen part 2


My mother in law was visiting us yesterday evening. Somehow we started to talk about my dolls, and she mentioned the "Ice Queen" for an example:

-The doll you made last year for your daughter. The one with the white hair ...

My daughter who was sitting with us, and of course listening everything, interrupted her.

-Which one?

-The one you got for Christmas last year, the fairy with the wing

-I don't know which one you mean? (Somewhat irritated)

I intervened a bit surprised that she could not remember, as she does not have so many dolls :

-The Ice Queen.

She turned to her grandma really surprised and even more irritated:

-That one?!!! Santa made it for me, not mom!

We both adults, a bit ashamed and surprised, feeling guilty ....

-Ahhh true, you are right!!! It's good you mention it. Grandma didn't know that! 😀

This year for Christmas, I had to sew her new dresses, since the beautiful dress from last year was too delicate for a little child of her age and didn't last for a long time.

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