Doll Making Workshop / Puppen Workshop

Intensive weekend workshops are suitable for everyone who does not have time in the week days, and love to spend two days working intensively on a project.


In this workshop we will be spending approximately 12 to 14 hours divided in two days. Basicaly the workshop starts at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM. However, as I promise you to finish your dolls during the workshop, and sometimes we need more time, I am open to stay an hour longer if it is needed.


I bring all the materials and the pre-sewn doll parts we need for the doll. You only need to bring a crochet hook size 3,5. You are free to choose the hair, skin and eye colour of your doll. 


The first day we make the head, and the second day the body. You also need couple of hours to crochet the doll's hair at home. 


For the clothes of your dolls we won't have time during these two days. I will give you a dress pattern and a tutorial to sew your own doll dress at home. You can also order a dress from me either in advance or afterwards. 


In order to complete your administration to the workshop you are kindly asked to pay the workshop fee in advance. Please do understand that I cannot refund your payment in case of short term cancellations. You can cancel a course latest two weeks before the workshop begins. 50 € for the materials and the advance work for the preparation is in no case refundable.



The dates of the actuall workshops are listed here.



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