The Suuuper Lady!!!

9 February 2017


When I was a child, our neighbours had a black doll. She sat on one of the shelves in their living room. I really died to play with her. I was not allowed to, neither the daughter of our neighbour. Someone brought the doll from abroad to her mom as a present, so it was very precious and special.


Couple of years ago, a friend brought a black doll from Brazil as a gift to my daughter. She was unsure if my daughter would accept her, as the doll was black, and my daughter is not. I didn't understand why this should have been a problem. And it indeed wasn't.


My daughter loves her doll, which lives with her other dolls (boy, girl, black, white, pink haired, asian looking) in peace. I think children do not make any difference if a doll or a person is black or pink, or purple. I wish we adults would not think in these categories either.


As I was thinking about all these, I thought now it is time for a new super hero.


This is the Super Lady. Her Super power is that you can try to cuddle her to death, she won't die. Millions of cuddles cannot destroy her!!!


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