Little Flame

little flame


This is my new little dolly. Her name is Serin. 

I told her she might go to Sweden.

-What Sweden? Oh, I know it is on the sea shore, isn't it? Oh, I love it, the sea!!! 

-You know it is not for sure yet. We have been just talking about the possibility... I don't want you to be disappointed...

-Oh, if I go to the sea, than I need my bathing suit and swimming ring!!!

- I guess, it is a bit too cold up there to swim right now, don't you think?

- What!! You know I am as strong as that Swedish girl, what was she called, the red-haired one?

-You mean the Pippi long stockings?

-What ever! I pack my bathing suit and swimming ring. If I don't go to Sweden, it is also not bad. You know I am an optimist. Anywhere I go, there would be at least a swimming pool I guess.

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