Jeremiah, the little fairy


On a wonderful autumn day, I was walking in the forest near to my place. The ground was covered with wet red, gold, orange leaves. It rained cats and dogs shortly before. 

Then I met a fairy… Jumping in the puddles bare feet. It had long blond hair (nearly white) shining in the sunlight diffusing through the naked trees. Actually if it hand’t been so small I would not think it was a fairy. It looked like a little child, wearing a long sleeved sweater, and a pair of trousers rolled up leaving his lover legs free.

It looked so happy and contend that I wished to be invisible. 

But the fairy saw me already, and said HI! with a huge smile on its face.

-Oh I am sorry I didn’t want to disturb…

-No worries. I was just enjoying the fresh puddles and the wet leaves! 

-Yes, but isn’t it a bit cold running around bare feet? 

-You know I love to feel the earth beneath my feet sometimes, he said while showing me his wings on his back.  

-Actually, you don’t look like a fairy at all. You don’t wear one of those beautiful dresses, you know what I mean?

-I am a boy don’t you see? I don’t wear glitter dresses! I also don’t know any other fairy who does. This is the fault of Walt Disney. Someone has to sue that guy! All those images of fairies in ridiculous  dresses!! In which century are we living!??

-Sorry, I din’t want to upset you.

-No worries! You know, we fairies do not meet people very often and people believe everything they see on TV. … Oh talking about TV, I have to go home, the Sesame Street starts soon. Was nice to meet you! Byeeee!!!

Then he flew, just in a second he was gone. 


He was very lovely though. He let me take a picture of him, so that I could show my friends. Here is he, my dear Jeremiah!!

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