Doll making Workshops for the beginners

puppenkurse für anfänger(Innen)

alle kurse werden auf deutsch und englisch angeboten

In beginner's level workshop, we make a doll for children with classical face. / Wir machen in den Anfängerkursen klassischen Waldorf-Puppen für Kinder.


"Herzlichen Dank nochmal für den tollen Kurs!

Ich bin ganz glücklich mit meiner selbstgemachten Puppe. Nach dem langen Entscheidungsprozess Puppe kaufen, Puppe machen lassen und nun Puppe selbst machen fühlt es sich vollkommen richtig an! Und es macht mich stolz und froh, dass ich die Puppe für mein Kind selbst gemacht habe. Dank Dir für die gute Anleitung und das Teilen Deines Erfahrungsreichtums."
Birte E.



"Dear Gonca,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, introducing and teaching us this beautiful craft of making a Waldorfdoll.

I enjoyed the making in the company of the other women, learning, hearing stories and expending my horizon while creating, and now this doll which I created especially for my daughter, is a testimony of all that love."
Nait R.

slow doll making workshop

Slow doll making workshops came from the need to bring the real feeling of doll making process into my workshops. In these workshops I rather like to meet you on four weekly morning sessions, so that you can put a week time between each step and reflect what you have done and will be doing next. This is mostly the real life situation, as creating a little soul takes lots of thinking along with all the crafting work.

We will be making a complete doll with body and the limbs and slightly needle felted face.



190 € including the material costs, as well as the crochet wig for the base of the hair. 



intensive weekend workshop

Oh yes, I know about it! Working full time, coming back home and still have to function as a parent, partner, friend... The time is full, and you still want to break your routine and do something completely different...

Could you also be dreaming about just going out to buy some bread for the breakfast and ending up in Rome walking into the Colosseum feeling like a Gladiator?

To be honest, that is unfortunately not the feeling I promise you at this workshop :) But similar I would guess.
For those who do not have time in the week, the intensive weekend courses are the alternative. At the end you will be as tired as that Gladiator, and as happy as him for the victory :)


190 € including the material costs, as well as the crochet wig for the base of the hair. 

small doll making workshop

Even though doll making is mostly about slowing down the time, for many fo us the time is still a very limited good. Although each of us have the same 24 hours a day, we all have different feeling of having enough time. Jungling so many balls at the same time: work, kids, family, friends...

So I wished to offer a shorter workshop (two morning sessions) in which we make a little snuggle doll, which also fits for the beginners, who do not have any previous craft experience.


This workshop is also great opportunity for the becoming mothers during the last weeks before their babies' arrival to make a snugle doll for them.



90 € including the material costs.