advanced doll making workshops

Fortgeschrittene kurse

Alle kurse werden auf deutsch und englisch angeboten

I am very happy that you are here!


For the advanced doll making workshops, you need to have some previous experience in doll making. Also professional doll makers are welcome to any of these workshops. I am happy to teach you new techniques to help developing your doll making skills. You can surely use the techniques shown in these workshops for your doll making. However please keep in mind: neither to offer any workshops with the techniques you learn in these workshops, nor any sort of publishing (such as online or written tutorial booklets) are allowed.


Taking pictures during the workshops is possible but please do not take any videos.


I would love it if you post your experiences about my workshops in any of your social media accounts, but please pay attention not to put pictures of other participants without their permission.


The prices are for the Workshops in Berlin in 2020. For organisations in other locations extra costs apply. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to host a workshop by Loulabee.


Thanks for your being kind and understanding :)

head sculpting

Sculpting a doll's head with the needle felting technique is getting interesting for many doll makers.

I have been using this method for some years now, and developed my own technique.

In this workshop I show you how to sculpt a head with its all details like the lips, nose, eyes, cheeks and a slender neck and to put the skin on it in a proper way. 

This is a 1,5 day (three sessions) workshop.


Please notice, this workshop concentrates on the needle felting face sculpting. We are not aiming to finish a complete doll. 


Price: 190 €



sculpting the body

Needle sculpting a whole body of a doll gives many new opportunities to develop your own style. I am happy to teach you the techniques I use, in this 1,5 day (three sessions) workshop.


During this workshop you will learn how to sculpt the body of a doll (the torso, the arms and the legs) and how to put the skin on it in a proper way. I will also teach you how to attach the arms and the legs, as well as the head (one pre-made by me as example) onto the body. Details such as dimples, belly button and coloring will also be taught.


Needle sculpting the head is not part of this workshop. I am offering an other workshop for needle sculpting the head. The size of the head will be in a matching size to this body.


Price 190 €



making doll hair

Several new materials are introduced to the doll world in the last couple of years by many very talented and creative doll makers.


Although a bit expensive, the natural look of the animal fibers like mohair, teeswater and alpaca fascinates more and more doll makers as well as collectors.

In this workshop I will inform you about the different sorts of natural hair that you can use and show how to crochet a cap with industrial mohair wefts for a doll's head with a circumference of app. 25 cm. Once you learned the method, you can apply it to different types of your choice.


This is a half day workshop (one session).



90 € including the costs for the materials.


(You should please bring your own crochet hook size 3,5 with you)