Couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Southern France, Cote D'Azur for couple of days. By coincidence we came across to a little market place, where I saw a stand with several baskets, full of antique laces and fabrics. I could have taken all those baskets with me but I did not have enough money in my bag so I had to pick up that what I could pay for. 
From one of the fabrics I saw a beautiful dress for my latest doll Grace.

I finished Grace for a while now, but I didn't have a fitting fabric for her. I was pretty sure she had to wear white, but still was not happy with any until I found this piece of fabric in the basket of Monique, the old lady on the market place in France. Sometimes, a doll and a dress need time to find each other. I usually have this process with my dolls and their clothing. It takes me a lot of thinking and dreaming about the doll clothes, but most of all the fabrics. 

Now, Grace is ready. I am very contend with everything about her. The beautiful fabric with embroideries completes her romantic and innocent nature. 

She is 35 cm tall. She is a very movable doll: she can turn hear head and tilt her neck. She can also bend her arms and legs, due to the wire armatures in them. Her complete body and limbs are needle felted, as well as her head. She can sit aided.
She has embroidered blue gray eyes. Her white blond hair is made with silky angora mohair locks. She has cute ears, belly button, a sweet bum and articulated knees.

She wears a hand knitted mohair dress either onto her beautiful dress as a layer, or alone, a cotton panties and leather shoes made by me. (The adorable buttons of the shoes are from my travels to Japan.) 




You can find Grace listing on my shop.

Please let me know for any further questions. 


Thank you for your love and support.

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