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I have been thinking a lot the last months. Mostly thinking rather than doll making. I had very

flourishing discussions with doll makers and doll lovers. What makes a doll unique, loveable, adorable?

Does a doll have to be adorable at all? What is the intention of a doll maker, if she/he has any at all?

What makes a collector to be appealed to a certain doll? And more questions...


I enjoyed these discussions which also gave me a certain impulse to make new dolls. I have been

thinking of a change for a while though. I was feeling experienced enough to claim a style of my own.

I thought about all those gorgeous dolls from talented doll makers. Although I appreciate them in all

their diversity, I realised I was appealed more to dolls with simpler facial features. My favourites were

90% those kinds of dolls.

I must confess, although they are "simple" they are not at all simple to make. A doll in a simpler style

but still unique and comes out of the crowd, which makes you say: Oh this is a XX doll!
As I said before I was feeling experienced enough to take this challenge and give a try. The next while

of time Loulabee dolls will look like this. 

I hope you enjoy them as you did my previous dolls.

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